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What are your refund policies?

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As a rule, we do not offer any refunds at all overall. However, that rule may be modified depending on your specific case. For example

  1. If your order is deemed fraud, then we will absolutely cancel and refund your order. No questions asked
  2. If you order a script, and we’ve deemed it’s not possible to get this working on your server, then we will refund your order, no questions asked
    For this to be applicable, you must have given us all necessary logins to your server, and if necessary, hosting support desk and allow us 48 hours to investigate and resolve this issue.
    If we’re unable to do so, within 48 hours, and don’t foresee being able to do so again, we will absolutely refund your charge
  3. If you paid a deposit for custom work, and no work has started on your project, then we will refund you, no questions asked
  4. If you paid a deposit for custom work, and work has begun, then we will refund you the balance, as estimated using the below figure:
    Normal hourly rate minus the number of hours spent on your task

Any other refund request will be evaluated manually. Please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns

Threats don’t work, nor do demands. If you threaten to contact your bank, or paypal, or chargeback in any way shape or form, your account will be immediately closed. We do not tolerate any abuse of our staff, or threats to our business.

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