WHMCS Training!

Let us put together the perfect training package for you

At WHMCS Guru, we’re dedicated to teaching you how to run WHMCS effectively. We’re here to teach you, to train you how to run your own billing system and manage it.. Here’s what you’ll get with our WHMCS training services.

You will receive two individual one one one two hour sessions with a Guru. These sessions will be spaced two weeks apart so that we can address any additional questions you might have in each one. Of course, you’ll be able to pick the time slot you want, and we’ll mail you a list of days with those time slots available.

We’ll cover any initial questions you might have about the software. If you haven’t configured it yet, we’ll take care of that for you, and walk you through adding services and servers. We’ll walk through your setup with you, from cron to configuration.

By now, you’ll have gotten somewhat used to the software, and will have a number of additional questions. We’re here in between these two sessions for critical questions, but this is where these questions are best answered, in your one on one session with your Guru. We’ll take one final walkthrough of your install, make sure that everything functions as it should, 100%, go through the logs for any critical issues and make sure you’re 100% up to date.

We don’t just leave you in the lurch when you’re done. Once your WHMCS training services are completed, we’re always here, by ticket, mail or phone, within reason of course. Our goal is to help you succeed with your software. Whatever it takes, again, within reason, we’ll happily do.

Your WHMCS training services session will be 100% focused on you. We encourage you to come up with questions and problems that you’re having before each of your sessions so that your Guru can assist you in understanding how to make your software work better for you.