At WHMCS Guru, we’re dedicated to helping you with your WHMCS installation. In some cases, this means hands on training, and we’re happy to provide you with this.

You will receive 2 training sessions, custom created just for you and your needs. Please note that we do not offer WHMCS development training, as this is far more in depth than we can provide.

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During our first session, we will cover any questions you have about the software, establish goals, look over your system with you, make recommendations and tweak as necessary. 

We will also work with you and help you configure services, addons, and get you understanding the basics about WHMCS, to the best of our ability

At the end of the first session, you will be familiar with WHMCS, and it will be completely configured to run your day-to-day operations

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The second session is usually scheduled weeks after the first, in order to allow you the time to further your knowledge of WHMCS and develop more questions. We will help you in between sessions, and, of course, in this final session to get a better grasp of WHMCS and what you’re working with.

We will also use this session to address any configuration or system errors that you may have noticed between the two sessions

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It’s important to understand that we don’t simply just abandon you between sessions, or once the training is completed.  

If you need additional help, we’re more than willing to assist you, at our nominal rate. If the question or issue is small enough, there’s a good chance we’ll waive the nominal fee, which is up to our discretion of course.

Our goal is to ensure that you understand and are comfortable with WHMCS in this area. We often go way above and beyond, however this is done on a case by case basis


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Training times do often go fast, and we can be booked weeks in advance. Contact us today , using the form on the right to get your request in, and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible (usually within the next business day).

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We cannot accept development requests over our live chat system. These must be sent using our contact form, or our helpdesk.