WHMCS Notify Extended!

Never hear “I didn’t get that email” again!

In today’s hectic world, email is effectively dead. Whether caught in ‘spam filters’, or just caught in RBLs (thank you , spammers), it’s rather difficult to ensure that your message was actually delivered to clients. As communication is key to any business, this is certainly costing your business money, daily.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to get your message to your clients without worrying that they didn’t receive it? A way to ensure that they chose the appropriate methods for them, and for you? A way where they could select their notification methods , easily?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to hear

I never got that email

from staff OR clients, ever again? If you were able to set reminders for tickets that haven’t been replied to, so that you can ensure clients get the timely support they deserve?

Enter WHMCS Notify Extended. With just a few minutes of configuration, you can do all of that, and so much more. Take a look through the features below, and as always, if you have any questions, please do contact us!

The following notification methods are available. More are always under development, so check back frequently. Some of these are staff only, as noted

Method Access Method Access
SMS Staff and Clients Slack Staff Only
Telegram Staff and Clients Ryver Staff Only
Pushover Staff and Clients Campfire Staff Only
Pushbullet Staff and Clients
SMS Providers: Twilio, Nexmo and BulkSMS (more on the way)

Some notifications are designed for administrivia only. These are sent to admin only rooms, and to admins who are marked to receive them

  1. Domain Deleted
  2. Order Deleted
  3. Addon Deleted
  4. Client Deleted
  5. Service Deleted

WHMCS Notify Extended can be configured to send out alerts to tickets easily

Notification Access Notification Access
New Ticket Staff Staff Reply Client
New Client Reply Staff Staff Assignment Staff
Nags (reminders) Staff Ticket Notes Staff
Department Change Staff

Billing notifications are available for all clients , and staff

  1. New Order
  2. Fraud Order
  3. Invoice Creation
  4. Invoice Paid
  5. Late Fees
  6. Invoice Refunded
  7. Invoice Overdue

Domain reminder notifications can be sent to clients (same time as invoices are sent)

The following service notifications can be enabled for both client and staff

  1. cancellation
  2. service suspended
  3. service unsuspended
  4. service terminated

Us VS Them

Shortly after we released WHMCS Notify Extended, WHMCS released their own official notifications system. While we applaud their effort, realistically, it pales in comparison in our (very biased, of course) opinion. Here’s a pretty quick rundown of the differences

Feature Us Them
Customizable (expandable) No Yes
Programming Required No Yes
User Alerts (non staff/admin) Yes No
Slack Yes Yes
Hipchat * Yes Yes
SMS Yes No
Telegram Yes No
Campfire Yes No
Ryver Yes No

  •  Hipchat has shut down it’s service entirely, and this is neither a benefit, nor a negative to either service. We will be removing this in a future version of WHMCS Notify Extended


Click on an image to view a full screen shot. Videos coming soon

Annual License

Annual License

What is an annual license?

Annual licenses are good for one year. After this, you must pay a nominal fee (less than the original purchase price) if you wish to continue using the product, obtain support, or the latest downloads

Perpetual License

Perpetual License

What is a perpetual license?

Perpetual licenses never require renewal. They are always active, will always have support and you’ll always have the latest downloads. These are the recommended licenses to purchase.

WHMCS Notify Extended - Annual

$45 OneTime
  • License:Owned
  • Support and Upgrades:Yearly Renewal
  • Yearly Renewal:
  • Owned:
  • License:
  • Support and Upgrades:
  • Yearly Renewal:
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  • License:Owned
  • Support and Upgrades:Yearly Renewal
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WHMCS Notify Extended - Annual

$45 OneTime

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