WHMCS does alright when it comes to support, but, like anything, there are so very many ways that it can do better.  WHMCS Support Extended aims to boost the performance of WHMCS support and keep your support team working well. Take a look at the features below and as always, if there’s something you’d like to see added, please do contact us

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Here, we have some screenshots of the plugin in action. There aren’t many right now, more will be coming soon.

Additionally, we’ll have some video up for you as well, soon


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Annual License Information

Annual License

Annual licenses require renewal every year in order to continue using them, maintain support and updates. This is a nominal fee , less than the initial purchase fee


Perpetual license Information

Annual License

No additional fees are ever required. This is yours for the life of the product. Updates are always free.


renewal necessary

$ 45
  • 1 Year updates/support
  • $25/yr renewal required
  • No dev license
  • License reissued on request


no renewal necessary

$ 200
  • LIFETIME updates/support
  • NO Renewal required
  • Dev license on request
  • Self license reissue