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Our scripts are all licensed and encoded using ioncube. You do not have permission, or right to disassemble, reverse engineer, or duplicate this code. If found doing so, your license will be invalidated, and your account closed, permanently.

From time to time, we offer specials with our month to month administrative / support packages. If you obtain a license through this special,  your license will be made available as soon as possible, and active as long as you continue those packages. When your package expires or is cancelled, your license will be as well.

We take piracy seriously. If your license is reported to us , we will take full legal recourse, available to us under the DMCA. We spend a good deal of time with support and development on our products and services. Respect this.


Our support policy is very simple:
Treat us like human beings, and you’ll get treated the same. Threaten us, attempt to defame us, launch a chargeback, or anything else, and your account will be immediately closed. No refunds will be issued, and we will report your transactions to the appropriate agencies for collections and fraud notification.

We’re here to help you. That’s what we do, we’re in the helping business. If you treat us with respect, you’ll get the same . If you come at us demanding something, you’ll get shut down. It’s just that simple.


All development projects require a $350 deposit before any work can begin.

Before this request is sent, we will obtain a full , concise detail of what you’re looking for, as well as an outline.

Once this has been obtained, we will provide you with an outline of what we will do, when we will do it by, and how we will do it.

All development projects will be encoded via ioncube on release

All development will be done on our own servers, approved by the client, then released upon final approval, payment, and encoding.

While we make every effort to provide fully workable modules and addons, sometimes additional extensions to server software will be required. We will install these for you, if you have administrator access, for a nominal fee.

If , for any reason your custom module does not work on your server, we will do everything possible to make it work.

Hosting Accounts2019-10-15T18:18:26-05:00

Due to arrangements with certain clients, our shared hosting accounts are for WHMCS and email use (billing / support related) only. You may not , at any time, install other software on your shared hosting account. Our VPS servers do not have this restriction placed on them.

If for any reason, your account is reported to us as abusive, or spamming, we will immediately suspend this account. We maintain a zero tolerance policy for these actions. If your account is suspended twice in a 30 day period, it will be cancelled  and terminated, with no refund provided.

Our shared servers will have a maximum of 10 accounts per server on them, in order to provide you with smooth operations.


Because of the type of work that we do, refunds are not given. We make every effort to provide you with the quality service that we would expect ourselves however. There are a few exceptions to this policy.

  1. Licenses
    If you have not downloaded the software (trust us, we know), then we will give you a refund, in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  2. Custom development
    If you contact us within 24 hours of making the deposit, and no work has been started yet, then we will give you a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  3. SLA conditions (for tickets)
    If we’ve failed (under reasonable conditions) to meet our SLA, we will refund you the price of the ticket, in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  4. Software functionality
    While we try to make sure everything works, in the event that it doesn’t work, we will provide you with a refund in accordance with our terms and conditions. In order for this to be met, you must have provided us the required logins and given us at least 48 hours to resolve the issue for you.

ALL payments are due within 72 hours of the due date. A reminder invoice will be sent to you 7 days in advance of this date which will include your payment due date.

  • Any payment not received within 72 hours of your scheduled due date will result in suspension of your account.
  •  Any account which has been suspended will require a $25 reactivation fee.
  •  Any account which is 30 days overdue will automatically be sent to collections.
  •  Any account sent to collections will have a 25% collections fee added to the final bill, AND a $25 administration fee.

To avoid any fees being charged to your account, please, simply pay your bill on time, or ensure that there are funds on the account when there should be. We’re more than flexible, if you find that you won’t have things available on time, just contact us at least 7 days in advance.

Returned/Chargeback Payments
If your payment for any reason is returned or charged back to us, your bill will be sent to a collection agency. You will automatically be charged $5 per day for every day that your bill was due, in addition to the collection agency fees (25%) and a $45 processing fee. Chargebacks are something we do not handle lightly, and we expect that you will do the same. We work for you, the best way possible.


For security and verification purposes, cancellation of services must come from the client area and be made within 72 hours of service renewal. We send out invoices a week in advance, in order to ensure proper notification. No exceptions will be made.

Cancellation may not be made or submitted via chat, social media, phone, or any other method. This may only be done via the client area itself .

If you do not cancel within the allotted time period (72 hours), your invoice will be charged as usual. No exceptions to this rule will be made


Our full and primary dedication is to our customers. We make every effort to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. To that note, we have the following SLA policies in place:

Ticket Response Times
Our goal is an initial response within 1 hour of submission of ticket from a verified client. This will not be an automated response, but a response from a human. If the ticket falls outside of normal operating hours (CST), then we may be a bit delayed, but rest assured, we will get to this as soon as possible. Normal operating hours vary on a daily basis, but if your ticket is submitted between 9 am and 1am CST, you can usually expect we’ll respond within the hour.

Ticket Resolution Times
Our ticket resolution time will vary from case to case. Typically, we strive for 3 day resolution, at the very most. Sometimes, with more complex problems, that’s not possible, however we do everything we can to get your ticket resolved within that period of time