WHMCS Hosting Services

Hosting your billing and support platforms on your own network can lead to bad things. Let us take care of your hosting needs and ensure your support and billing software is running 24x7!

Site Migration

We'll help you migrate your site over, for a fee, of course!

Control Panel

Directadmin is provided to all clients at no cost

Multiple Backups

Multiple backups are made (daily) to multiple locations to ensure your data is safe.

Free Updates

That's right, we'll update your WHMCS install (WHMCS only) for free. if you have other stuff you need updated, obviously, let us know, and we'll address that


Security is key, which is why we have strict content rules on what can be hosted (WHMCS and support sites only) and do everything to ensure that all software is as up to date as can be


You shouldn't have to worry about speed or stability. We do everything we can to keep that under control, keeping everything fully monitored

Our Plan

We have (literally) a one size fits all plan for hosting. As this service is geared towards WHMCS and support related services, we've found that even the largest installs will fit into this. If course, if you need more resources, just let us know


This plan starts at $16.66/month when purchased and paid for annually, or $20/month when purchased monthly . Make sure to get yours today, as resources are limited!