Our Addons

At WHMCS Guru, we’re quite proud of the addons that we’ve put together. While it may not be a rather large number, our addons provide a service and valued add to the WHMCS software itself. You can see the commercially available addons we have listed here. Keep checking back, as we’re always cooking up new things in the labs

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep in touch with your clients (WHMCS Notify Extended) , a way to make your site more secure (WHMCS User and IP Control), or a way to enhance your support desk (WHMCS Support Tickets Extended), we’ve got you covered.  Take a brief look through the info below!

User and IP Extended Control

Secure your WHMCS further


Our User and IP Extended Control module for WHMCS allows you greater control over your WHMCS install. Block countries, allow only certain countries to order, block users after failed login attempts, allow/block admin countries or IPs without htaccess modifications, and more.
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Cron Notifications Extended

Make sure your cron jobs are running

Sleep soundly

Your business runs off of WHMCS. Wouldn’t it be smart to know when it fails to run scheduled tasks? With WHMCS Cron Notifications Extended, now you can
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WHMCS Notify Extended

More than just email notifications

Enhance your Notifications

Enough with the 'I didn't get that email' excuse! Notify your staff and clients through a variety of up to date methods such as SMS, Slack, Telegram and more!
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WHMCS User Email Validation

Require Email Validation for certain activities

Email Validation

Require users to have validated email addresses before they do certain things in your client area
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WHMCS Support Tickets Extended

Enhancements to the WHMCS support system

Enhance your Support Experience

Our WHMCS Support Tickets Enhanced addon was originally designed as a ‘watched tickets’ addon, but it’s turned into so much more over the years, and we still have much to do with it. Check out the product page for more information
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WHMCS Domain Tools

The Swiss Army Knife of domain and hostname management

Domain Management Simplified

WHMCS Domain Tools makes it easy for your staff to view and administrate domains, see information such as mx entries and others. Additionally, the ability to edit hostnames is included.
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What are we up to?

We’ve got quite a few surprises coming up over the next year or two. Keep checking back as we’re always adding new and creative things to this list!

Please note:
Our ETA’s may be off, as from time to time, we do take on client projects that take priority. However, we are absolutely committed to finishing these projects


WHMCS Notify Extended v2

A completely rewritten addon

100% rewritten

We've been hard at work for the past few years on rewriting WHMCS Notify Extended. So much so that we've decided to give it a new name and add some really awesome features to it. This has been in the works for some time, and will be released at some point in 2024 (we hope)

Better Invoicing

Invoicing enhancements coming up!

Better Invoicing

We have a number of invoicing addons that will help WHMCS owners take better control of their invoice process. Stay tuned
ETA: 2024

Rewriting All Addons

During 2023, we'll be rewriting all of our addons

WHMCS Updates

We'll be working on providing more up to date features and rewriting all of our addons during the 2023 year. The first one to go out will be WHMCS Support Extended

User Security

Client area security enhancements

Secure is better

WHMCS is great billing software, but sorely lacks in client security. We're working on an addon to change that!

Support Enhancements

Providing Support Enhancements

WHMCS Support Extended

This addon is about 90% completely rewritten and will be the first of our addons released and rewritten, encoded for PHP 8.1 and earlier, with a few nice little feature enhancements.
ETA: January 2023

Network and Serer Announcements

A much more efficient way to do these

Better Client Area Integration

WHMCS hasn't spent a ton of time focusing on this, and it shows. We're going to make that work again!

Are you looking for something?

What is shown above is just what we’ve released to the public. Over the past few years, we’ve done some amazing stuff for some really awesome clients. If you’re not seeing what you’re after, please do hit that ‘send a message’ button and we’ll get back with you

Please Note!
We cannot accept development requests over our live chat system. These must be sent using our contact form, or our helpdesk.