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Welcome back to WHMCS Guru. We offer a variety of services from WHMCS hosting to WHMCS addons to WHMCS support to WHMCS training, and so many more. Take a look through our page, and, as always, if you see something you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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WHMCS Addons

Our selection of addons for WHMCS
We have a reasonable selection of addons available for WHMCS , and more on the way
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WHMCS Development Services

We'll write your addon
We can help you get your WHMCS installation setup exactly as you need. Hooks, modules, plugins, just let us know what you need!!
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WHMCS Management Services

We do the heavy lifting
We’ll keep an eye on your WHMCS install, keep you as updated as needed, secured, and address any concerns that may come up. Additionally, we'll create invoices, follow up on billing issues, you name it!
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WHMCS Migration Services

We'll get you migrated to (or from) WHMCS
We’ll help you switch to or from another billing platform. We’ve designed a number of import scripts, and can help you get your data safely tucked away in your new billing platform
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WHMCS Install and Config

We can get your install running
We have a variety of options for our install and configuration services. We will help you get setup, running, and secured quickly and easily.
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WHMCS Support Services

Avoid reaching out to WHMCS. We'll do everything we can
We will act as the go between where you and WHMCS are concerned. If support needs to be brought in from WHMCS, we’ll do everything we can to assist you in getting issues resolved.
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WHMCS Training

WHMCS Can be confusing!
WHMCS can be a bit confusing and frustrating at first. We’re here to help you understand and get into WHMCS . We’ll customize a training session just for you
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WHMCS Upgrades

We will get you upgraded
Upgrading WHMCS can be a bit difficult. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from the same major version (v7 to v7) or from another version entirely (v5 to v7), we’ll work with you and formulate an upgrade plan that works. If you have third party modules or services, we’ll add those in as well, as long as you have up to date copies of them.
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WHMCS Hosting

Safe, secure, stable hosting
Ideally, your WHMCS install is hosted away from your network. We will help you make that happen. Multiple backups daily, US based location, we'll even migrate your current install, for a nominal fee
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