When it comes to customization, WHMCS does this well. Whether you want to adjust the look and feel of your billing area (template, theme), make a simple adjustment to how things are handled, or add some complicated functionality, WHMCS can likely be modified to fit what you need.

We’ve been working with WHMCS since 2007 and have developed a number of addons and customizations to WHMCS. Some have been released publicly, some for private customers. If you need something done, please do let us know and we’ll work with you to get your project done.

Some of the private WHMCS work we’ve done for clients (note: these are only provided as examples)

  1. Invoice modifications 
    Creating hooks to automatically modify how line items are displayed, how invoice numbers are displayed (using unique country codes), creating custom due times, and more
  2. Credit system modification
    Modifying the credit system so that it tops up automatically, allows notifications to customers when they’re running low, and more
  3. Various API integrations
    We’ve integrated WHMCS into numerous APIs over the years and look forward to doing more


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