About WHMCS Guru!

Since 2007, we’ve been working with WHMCS . We started off creating an importer from Modernbill, and just haven’t look back since. From plugins to hooks to importers, we’ve pretty much done it all.
We’re here to help you make your WHMCS install succeed. Whether you need us to keep an eye on things for you, help move the system from another server, write a custom module, hook or plugin, we’re here to help.
Having started with computers in the mid 80s, when you had to program your own stuff, we’ve got the programming skills to put out some great stuff. Why not give us a shout today, let’s see what we can do for you!

10+ Years

Since 2007

Over a decade of experience

We’ve been working with WHMCS in many forms since March, 2007. We’ve built things from simple hooks to complex migration scripts.



Private development available

We specialize in WHMCS development. Whether you’re after one of our commercial addons, or need something custom done, we can help out

U.S. Based

U.S. Based

And proud of it

We are 100% U.S. based. No overseas outsourcing here.



100s of Satisfied Cliens

We’re not happy unless you’re happy.. So, we do everything we can to ensure YOUR happiness. Whether it means modifying an existing addon (at a cost) or creating something completely from scratch, we’re there to help you out!

A word from our founder, Tom Whiting

I’ve always believed that if you love what you do, it’s not work. Working with WHMCS, modifying it as I’ve had the pleasure of doing , customizing it, I’ve learned a ton, and keep on learning.  This definitely isn’t ‘work’, but a joy. I love getting up, working on things, solving the unsolvable, doing the impossible.

WHMCS can be a challenge to work with and understand, but if you need help, it’s out there. Just let us know!

From Our Clients: