This module requires the geoip PECL module to be installed to operate fully. We’ve included instructions as to how to do this in our documentation, so you should have no problem taking care of this. Of course, if you need assistance setting this up, we’re here to help for a nominal fee, just contact us

WHMCS is great as a billing module. However, where it really lacks is user security, and controlling WHO gets to do what in what portions of your billing area.

Imagine not having automatic lockouts when clients (or hackers) fail passwords repeatedly! That’s WHMCS for you

Imagine not having good country, or region control over your billing area, allowing anyone to order from anywhere , despite fraud risk , or other worries. That’s WHMCS for you!

Imagine having to rely on editing htaccess to protect your admin area and keep it locked down.  Well, that’s WHMCS for you.

WHMCS User and IP Control resolves all of these problems and so much more! Take a look at the features below.  As always, if you have any questions, please do contact us! 

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Here, we have some screenshots of settings and the plugin itself. If you click on the screenshot, the full image will show up in a popup.  While there are not many here now, we will have some more soon for you

Videos are being worked on, and will be added to the website and documents as soon as we can.


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