If you’re familiar at all with WHMCS, you know that support can be, well, frustrating to say the least. With a 12 hour wait, many times, for human response, to individuals (including shift leads) that just don’t understand the questions but reply anyways. WHMCS support is lacking

Enter WHMCS Guru. While there are things which we cannot do, we do strive to do everything possible to ensure that you are as supported as can be. With our extensive knowledge of WHMCS, we can solve many things, rather quickly, or even suggest a better route of doing things

In the end, if we have to contact WHMCS on your behalf, we will absolutely be happy to. Let us deal with WHMCS so you don’t have to!


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All WHMCS support is now done on a per instance basis. If you’ll fill out the form on the right, we’ll get back with you during normal business hours (typically 1-2 hours of submission)

Please Note!
We cannot accept development requests over our live chat system. These must be sent using our contact form, or our helpdesk.