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What are your fraud policies? Why was I deemed ‘fraudulent’

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Due to the work that is done, and the relative amount of piracy and fraud in the industry, we have some pretty in depth fraud checks in place. There are three places fraud is checked for

  1. At the order level
    If your order is marked as fraudulent by our fraud provider, then your order will be declined, and you won’t be able to pay for it
  2. Through FraudRecord
    Fraudrecord maintains a pretty healthy list of scammers and is a community supported effort. Each order is checked through this provider manually and if it fails, then your order will be marked as fraud, and your payment refunded immediately.
  3. Human verification
    After checking Fraudrecord, we then attempt to verify whether this is a legitimate order manually. There are a number of points that we check on, and no single point alone will cause your order to be marked as fraud. However, if you fail multiple points, depending on the scenario, and what you failed, you may, indeed, be marked as fraud, and have your order refunded.

If your order was marked as fraudulent, open a ticket, and we’ll investigate this.  This is not a guarantee that you will have this reversed, however, this decision may be reversed


The ONLY way to get this reversed is to open a ticket. We will not discuss this on the phone, on chat, or anything else. You must open a ticket to have this addressed!

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