How are your scripts licensed?

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All of our scripts are yours, no matter what. You paid for them, and you own the license. You may not attempt to decrypt, or decode these scripts, or alter them in any fashion. Any attempt to use them outside of our accepted usage will result in immediate revocation of your license.

You may use each script on one domain or subdomain. If you need a developers license for your script, one can be arranged for a very nominal fee. Please contact us for more information

Updates and Renewals:
As of February 12, 2018, all scripts will come in two forms. Your update and renewal period will vary from there

  1. Perpetual
    These scripts are yours, no matter what. You may obtain updates at any time, for no additional cost to you. You may not transfer a perpetual license to another holder. That is yours and yours alone
  2. Annual
    Annual licenses will require a yearly renewal for updates, support and continued usage past your initial year. This fee is nominal, and helps support development of future updates to our scripts.


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