We will happily set your WHMCS server up for you, install WHMCS, configure it so that it runs, add products, even secure it for you. Before we do though, please make sure you obtain a valid WHMCS license

As there are a ton of options here, please take a moment to read through these carefully. Choosing the right installation package is very important. If you have any questions, please do contact us, and we would love to help you out

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This is just the basic WHMCS setup. We will install WHMCS.
Should any problems come up, we’ll address them with either WHMCS, or your server support.

No additional configuration included.

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We will setup your WHMCS install and configure it , as follows. If you need more, let us know and we’ll work something out with you
Configuration includes:

  • Basic WHMCS Configuration
    We’ll do everything that is necessary to get your WHMCS install up and working correctly
  • Support Departments
    We’ll setup support departments in WHMCS (up to 5) and make recommendations on how to get them setup with your hosting provider. Additionally, we will test those for you.
  • Service Configuration
    We’ll setup services in WHMCS (up to 5) and test to ensure that they are functioning as they should be
  • Server Configuration
    We’ll setup your server configuration for you, make sure that it’s working (up to 3 servers)
  • Gateway Configuration
    We’ll setup PayPal , and one other gateway as well as ensure that it works. No gateway logins should be necessary.
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With this minor addition, we’ll login and secure your setup , following WHMCS best practices, and, if SSH is enabled, test cron jobs , make sure that they’re functioning as needed.
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We can absolutely setup your server if necessary, however this is an additional charge and WILL require root login information. Please contact us for more information about this

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We do offer a 1 hour basic crash course in WHMCS , and it is only available when you purchase installation. This covers the basics of WHMCS only, and should be ordered by those who have no experience at all with WHMCS

This is not a substitute for our in depth training session at all. It’s just a quick session to get you through the basics and answer any quick questions you may have

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Choose from our available packages below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, today!

Please do refer to the table above for a bit more information about what's in each of the packages

Install A

$ 25

  1. WHMCS Installation

Install B

$ 50

  1. WHMCS Installation
  2. WHMCS Configuration

Install C

$ 70

  1. WHMCS Installation
  2. WHMCS Configuration
  3. WHMCS Security Setup

Install D

$ 125

  1. WHMCS Installation
  2. WHMCS Configuration
  3. WHMCS Security Setup
  4. Initial WHMCS Training


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